Moringa & Rosemary Oil is a new and improved formula from the original formula of Rosemary Mint and works even better!

Used in conjunction with my hairspray formula you will see successful results in hair growth.


  • Handmade
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Moringa and Rosemary Clover Spray. This powerful Dual action Leave-in treatment or pre-shampoo is designed to promote healthy hair growth through dynamic scalp improvement. A specially developed formula combines organic herbs, proteins, vitamins and essential oils

Ingredients also included sorbic acid, vitamin E oil tocopherols, optiphen preservatives, cloves, moringa herbs and rosemary herbs.

Moringa, also called moringa oleifera, is a tree native to India (i.e., the moringa tree) and found in other countries, like Bangladesh and Pakistan. It has been dubbed a superfood and miracle ingredient due to its many nutrients and health benefits, including:

Calcium Iron Protein Amino acids Vitamin A Vitamin C

Comes in a 4 FL ounce bottle.